About Online Pattadar PassBook Management System

The main objective of Online Pattadar Pass Book Management System is to generate Pattadar Passbooks and Title Deeds online (to the farmers who purchases land).

Our Amazing beautiful features

The proceedings /orders statutorily required under ROR (Records of Rights) in Pattadar Passbooks Act are generated online.
Pattadar Passbooks and Title Deeds are generated with 16 digit unique number.
Generation of Barcode on the PPB/TTD which can’t be easily copied or reproduced by others.
Generation of Form-17A Register and 1-B Register so that separate maintenance of registers avoided.
The menace of duplicate / bogus Pattadar Passbooks / Title Deeds has been curtailed.
Responsibility is fixed at each stage and manually writing of PPBs/TTDs is not allowed by an order.
Placing the information in the public domain for easy verification by anyone.
Easy to monitor the status at the District Level,no need to contact middle men in the Office,o need to visit office often
An applicant receives a SMS alerts whenever the applications is registered and printing is processed.