About Online Beneficiary Management System

OBMS is a web based application through which the MPDOs are uploading the list of beneficiaries under different Corporations such as SC, BC, Minority Corporations; Youth Welfare (SETSRI) Department; Disabled Welfare Department; MEMPA Schemes; Agriculture (Farm Mechanization, RKVY, NFSM etc.), ATMA (Agriculture Extension), Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Fisheries Departmental Schemes as well as PMEGP (NIC), KVIB & KVIC Schemes and Programmes. Once the MPDOs have selected the beneficiaries and obtained bank consents, they are uploading the list of eligible beneficiaries so that sanctions can be accorded by the respective departments. Further the subsidy amount is credited directly to the Loan Account of the beneficiary once the scheme has been grounded by the bank managers. Photograph of grounding as well as Utilization Certificate is also being obtained through OBMS. The list of beneficiaries for all the subsidy oriented schemes has been put in the public domain and anybody can access and monitor the status of the utilization of the department schemes.

Our Amazing beautiful features

Better Quality and Faster Services to Applicant: Applicants getting faster Response and transparency in their Approvals.
Transparency and centralized database for the services.
Citizen Application status is communicated through SMS right from the application registration to proceeding generation sectioned and grounded.
Applicant does not require to move to different offices due to single window.
Govt. system becomes sensitive as photos of beneficiaries are visible to everyone.
Quick availability of database.
District administration will be able to monitor the schemes utilizations by the citizens of its district which helps out to reach their targets.
False beneficiaries can easily identified due to photographs so good for better working of govt.