About MLS Point Management System

MLS Point Management System is a software application used to maintain a register of various stored commodities like Rice, Wheat, Oil, Daal and Sugar etc for supplying same to Public Distribution depots, Government hostels and schools by generating ROs from where the entire stock under different categories for the mandal concerned is stored and lifted.

Our Amazing beautiful features

Includes inventory tracking and process workflow management.
Each Commodity (Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Daal, Oil etc) is tracked by a unique item code with multiple attributes.
Includes variables such as in-stock, out-of-stock, quantity, date of arrival, date of processing, warehouse locations etc.
Inventory updates, stock adjustment and rejections based on sales can be recorded.
Generation of Receipt Order (RO).
Variety of reports available: Opening Balance, Stock on date report, Mandal wise ROs and lifted quantity reports etc