About Hostels and Mid-day Meals Rice Allotment Monitoring System

Hostels and mid day meals Rice Allotment System is a web based application through which Mandal Educational Officer (MEO) can apply for rice required for providing mid day meals to the students of the Government Schools & for the Hostels in a Hostel through an indent, which was initially approved by District Educational Officer (DEO) and forwarded same to District Supply Officer (DSO) for final approval. Once DSO approves the indent and releases the Release Order (RO) then Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) will print the RO. By showing this RO at MLS Points (Mandal Level Stock Points) rice will be issued to Government schools.

Our Amazing beautiful features

It is easy to monitor the flow of the Rice Allotment system in various schools and hostels.
Calculates cost price of the commodity per lot per purchase for the hostels and generation of Release Order (RO).
Govt. system becomes sensitive as quantity requested, released and payment made for released quantities are visible to everyone.
State & District administrations will be able to monitor the quantities utilized & closing balance available with the schools and hostels closely.
Misuses can easily be identified due to availability of various accurate reports.